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Tureen 270 designed 100 years ago, brought back to life

by georgjensenshop.gr




In spring 2019, Georg Jensen proudly relaunches the magnificent Tureen 270 designed in 1918 by master silversmith Georg Jensen himself. Fusing meticulous craftsmanship, precious materials and the rich heritage of Scandinavian design this breathtaking centrepiece - only manufactured as a one-off more than 100 years ago – is now brought back to life.

Rediscovered in Georg Jensen’s historic archives, the sketches of Tureen 270 represent a magnificent piece of artisanship that evokes the spirit of Art Nouveau design with its richly ornamented body featuring various botanical elements. As the whereabouts of the original tureen are unknown, Georg Jensen has chosen to recreate it to the greatest pleasure of collectors and silver aficionados all over the globe.




Manufactured from solid sterling silver, the tureen is handcrafted by skilled artisans at the Georg Jensen smithy in Copenhagen, Denmark. It takes the dedicated in-house team more than 1000 hours to create this masterpiece, bringing ancient craft techniques like hand-hammering, chiselling, oxidization into play.

The tureen features a total of 128 handmade castings recreated by hand of Georg Jensen silversmiths using archive photos, sketches and handmade casts from the beginning of the last century. The top of the lid is shaped like a bouquet of botanical elements including leaves, branches and flowers like magnolias, camellias, grape hyacinths, bellflowers, poppy pods and others.

The result is a stunning tureen featuring the characteristic Georg Jensen appearance with natural Art Nouveau elements and a striking deep glow.



“The Tureen 270 is an elegant one-of-a-kind piece, which showcases the incredible level of creativity, heritage and artisanship infusing the house of Georg Jensen since its foundation in 1904. Today more than ever, products based on ancient craft traditions and precious materials while being visionary and long lasting are essential attributes for our collection to be relevant in the modern world. “– says Nicholas Manville, Chief Creative Officer, Georg Jensen.




The Tureen 270 is characterised by its hammered surface, oxidation and floral elements. The most visible craftsmanship technique in the final tureen is the characteristic hammer marks, covering the complete corpus. This technique ensures a soft reflection of light in the silver that creates a greyish shimmer, which Georg Jensen associated with moonlight. Furthermore, oxidation adds a certain character and depth to the decorative elements that bring the floral element to life.




Georg Jensen founded his company in 1904, when the Art Nouveau movement flourished across Europe as a counter reaction against the growing, soulless mass production.

Art Nouveau – La Belle Époque – is characterised by an intense aspiration to beauty. A desire to create artistic design based on magnificent craftsmanship while being very much inspired by the shapes of nature and wildlife. This is where Georg Jensen found his inspiration and where he felt at home, probably also because of his upbringing in the idyllic village of Raadvad, north of Copenhagen.





The Tureen 270 is an elegant one-of-a-kind piece, which showcases the incredible level of creativity, heritage and artisanship that has infused the house of Georg Jensen since its foundation in 1904. Today more than ever, it is important to keep the ancient craft traditions alive and we are conscious about letting the masterpieces from the archive inform and inspire our silversmiths because it helps them hone their skills to perfection.





The floral top lid is most demanding element of the Tureen 270. Each piece is handmade and recreated from archive sketches and photos. It has been an incredibly demanding job for even the most skilled silversmiths at Georg Jensen. Besides these decorative details the generous size and the voluminous curves made the tureen a very complex object to handle and create.





Georg Jensen masterpieces are worthy of their name - they display the very highest level of craftsmanship and design. Silverware to be appreciated now and passed down through generations to become family heirlooms.



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